News You Can Use!

Concours Static Contest

Bring your prettiest flying contraptions out to the May meeting, where we will be having our annual Static Contest! There will be separate divisions for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, with RTF/ARF and kit/scratchbuilt categories in each.

Even if you don't have a plane to show, come out out to see what your fellow Barnstormers are building and add your voice to the judging!

Dome Flying Season Has Ended

White Pines is closed for the summer season. Look for the dome to open up again in November. In the mean time, enjoy outdoor flying!

Swap 'Til You Drop 2017 is In the Books

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in the area's best annual swap meet. The vendors were great, lots of people came out to buy and trade R/C stuff, and the volunteers helped keep everything flowing along. Watch this space for news of next year's swap!

Christmas Meeting, Auction, and Pot Luck

Monday, 12 December, is our annual Christmas pot luck meal and meeting. Bring your family and a dish to share! Be sure to tell Secretary Ofelia Rivera what you are bringing so she can coordinate. (Don't worry about bringing food if you haven't prepared anything -- there's always too much to eat anyway.)

We also hold our annual Charity Blind Auction at this meeting. If you have useful items to donate to the auction please contact Ofelia Rivera.

Come a little early to peruse the items up for auction. Bring some dough to buy auction tickets, too! It all goes to support local charities in the Itasca area.

Turkey Dispersal and Elections

Monday, 14 November, is the evening of the meeting in which we hand out the turkey gift cards and hold elections for our new group of officers. Be sure to come out to vote in your favorite candidates!


The 2016-17 season of indoor flying at White Pines Golf Dome, the biggest indoor golf venue in the Midwest, is about to begin! The season opener features a freebie weekend, where Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5 are free nights.

Come on out and enjoy the warm, calm climate of a huge indoor airspace!

Fall Out!

Don't forget the last outdoor Fun Fly of the season, coming up Sunday, 18 September from 9:00 AM to noon out at Pratt's Wayne. Bring some food to share and some planes to fly.

The Interclub Fun Fly Approaches

SRCB are attending the 2016 Propmasters/Barnstormers Interclub Fun Fly on Sunday, 31 July at 9:00 AM. Propmasters are hosting the event at Springbrook Prairie.

The competition is Washer Drop. The object is to drop a standardized washer with streamers from your plane on to a field target, then perform a spot landing.

Competitors will be supplied with a washer, paper cups, skewers, and rubber bands. You can use these materials or a servo-activated dropping device. Competitors using a paper cup must perform some maneuver such as a roll, loop, or invert to cause the washer to drop.


  1. The payload consists of a standard 5/8 inch steel washer, approximately 1-3/4 inch OD and 11/16 inch ID. Two 12 inch streamers are attached. Competitors must use the supplied washer with no alterations.
  2. Competitors will take off and complete one full circuit of the field. After that they can commence the bomb run at will.
  3. Minimum drop altitude is 6 feet. Bombs dropped from below that altitude will not score.
  4. After completing the bomb run competitors must make a spot landing.


  • Each competitor makes three bomb runs.
  • Individual competitors' scores are composed of the sum of all three bomb run distances plus the closest spot landing distance.
  • Team scores are the sum of the lowest five competitors for each team.
  • The lowest team score wins.

Come on out and support the Barnstormers as they wail on the Propmasters yet again! Let's keep that trophy board, folks!

April Static Contest

Our annual static contest is coming up at the April 11 meeting. Finish up those scratchbuilt or kit planes, RTF/ARFs, helicopters, multirotors, and whatever other flying machines you have for concours judging by your fellow club members. We want to see your best work!